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The company behind YouZee Clip In

The company behind YouZee Clip In is Larsson Optik and are located i Skelleftea in the north of Sweden. 

The company was founded in 1976 with sales of about 650000 EUR with 4 employees. In a normal year we deliver about 1,800 pairs of glasses and add to that all YouZee Clip In, formerly called Spyder Clip In, as well as contact lenses.

We know optics, different optical lenses, etc. and we recount your recipe to fit in YouZee Clip In because it fits a bit further from the eye than traditional glasses do.

Therein lies your security - and if there is any problems, you know where we are!

We have highly trained and skilled staff with extensive experience in the eye care industry.

We you will help you are:

Jan Larsson, licensed optometrist trained in occupational medicine
Peder Larsson, Licensed Optician
Joakim Granström, Licensed Optician
Yvonne Brännström, optician assistant
Christer Larsson, opticians consultant


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Larsson Optik

Kanalgatan 46 B
Box 308
931 23 Skellefteå, Sweden


+46(0)910 - 369 15

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