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About YouZee Clip In


  •  Is YouZee Clip In suitable for all goggles?
  • Yes, we have tested in the most goggles on the market and they have fitted in all. We have not received any response from our customers about problems with the fit.
  •  Does it work when I have astigmatism?
  • Oh yeah. The fact is that most of the orders we receive are with astimatism. Perhaps this is because these people have difficulty getting contact lenses to work ...?!
  •  How do I know my glasses prescription?
  • Call or visit your eye care professional and ask to have your past prescription. Remember that it must contain your prescription for far distance and PD (pupil distance) for far distance .
  •  Is it possible to make progressive lenses?
  • Everything is possible but not remotely when the mounting height is very important. Contact us at and we can discuss the matter! However, we have bifocal glasses with very successful results. Several snowmobile riders who wanted to see the GPS.

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  •  Included precription lenses for all visual defects in the price SEK 1295? (about 130 EURO)
  • Yes up to -6/3 +5/3D. Over that there is an additional cost. See the scroll bars where you select the lenspowers.
  •  Can I mail my prescription?
  • Yes, if you are unsure how to fill in the lens powers, we will help you. Mail us at and we will return to you.
  •  How long is the delivery time?
  • Normally 2-4 days within Sweden. 5-7 days to Europe.

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