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YouZee Clip In allows you to get rid of your glasses or dry contact lenses under your goggles! We glaze our unique YouZee Clip In with your precription lenses, which then fits all modern quality goggles! Developed and manifactured by us in Sweden!

No prescription? Request it from your optician. Keep in mind that the recipe should be for glasses and contain PD (pupil distance). If you have questions or feel unsure, contact us at and we will help you!


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2018-07-10 payment update: you can now pay to our swift bankaccount. Just choose that option in the checkout. 


YouZee Clip In

no more glasses under your goggles
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YouZee Clip In

no more glasses under your goggles
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YouZee Clip In

no more glasses under your goggles
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See clearly with YouZee Clip In

Now, you who need glasses can instead use our unique YouZee Clip In which fits all goggles. Perfect for those who drive a snowmobile, skiing and snowboarding, enduro, motocross, bicycles downhill!

With YouZee Clip In, you no longer need contact lenses or try to find goggles that fits over your glasses. In just seconds you mount YouZee clip in and can then continue using your favourite goggles.


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We assemble your prescription lenses in YouZee Clip In. Price 1295 SEK (about 130 EUR) (-6/3 +5/3D).



Fits in all goggles

Tried in POC, 509, Scott, Smith, Bollé, Bliz, Götti, Oakley, DrZipe among others.

Easy to move

Mounted in just seconds. Just as easily, move it to another, which is great if for example, you are running with different goggles due to weather, lighting conditions, or different sports!


Also for astigmatism?

Obvious! YouZee Clip In has become a sought-after product for people with astigmatism. Perhaps because they have difficulties to get contact lenses to work?

Tomas Sandstrom

Alpine skier 


Alpine downhill is the best there is, both skiing and snowboarding, but in the position I am with children and jobs, the occasions unfortunately are too few. But we must make the best of it. Contact lenses have worked just fine, but the refractive I have can not be fixed with daily lenses and then I go a little too infrequently and have no problem wearing glasses other times so I was glad to find this solution!

- Works like a clock. But then when the kids have moved out there will be more days skiing - I guarantee it! // Tomas

Elvira Lindh #11

Snowmobile Arctic Cat Team Sweden


Elvira has had major problems with double vision when she competed and her eyesight problems can not be corrected with contact lenses. In two seasons, she tried everything and was finally forced to run with regular glasses under her goggles and it screwed up a lot. With YouZee clip in, she finally found the solution!


- This product now makes me able to continue with my sport and together with the anti-fog cloth it works perfectly for me, says Elvira.

Niklas Scott Fant



Niklas discovered he braked earlier and earlier in to the curves. After an eye test it was revealed that he was nearsighted. Contact lenses were fitted but shortly thereafter there were problems with dryness in the eyes and sometimes it could happen that the lenses jumped out! Niklas father Pär Scott discovered the Spyder Clip In, which is now called YouZee Clip In, on Facebook and an order were done!


- This solution has meant a lot to me in my efforts to be developed in motocross, says Niklas.

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