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Jonas Eriksson

- Very pleased with mine! Works super when I go skiing! Nice to have an option now that I can not wear contact lenses!


Johnny Andersson

- I can then say that it works like clockwork !! bought last season. just hope for lots of snow in the mountains. !!



Patrik Modin

- Have tried this with excellent results both in summer on the jet ski and now in the winter at the ski slopes and snowmobile. Very pleased.


Pär Scott

- My son drives motocross with them now and we are am very satisfied and im tablecloth works perfectly.


Anders Larsson

- The best that has ever happened 💪 works super, beyond expectations 👍

Elvira Lindh #11

- "This weekend I went to see Larsson Optik in Skelleftea, the company that saved my dream!
Since I have a problem that makes me see double vision, I must have a special glass in my glasses. This error can not be resolved with contact lenses.

My eyesight was about to put a stop to what I really enjoy.

After two seasons and a lot of trouble with trying to have ordinary glasses under my goggles I finally found the solution at Larsson Optik - Spyder Clip In (but they now call it YouZee Clip In)

This little thing has done that I now can continue with snocross!  :-)

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