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YouZee Clip In (formerly called Spyder Clip In)


Now you who need glasses can use our unique YouZee Clip In that suits all goggles.
Perfect for those who drive snowmobile, go skiing and snowboarding, enduro, cross or biking downhill!
Inserting the YouZee Clip In into your goggle will only take a few seconds. As easy as moving it to another goggle
which is great if you run for example because of weather conditions, lighting conditions or different sports!

Comes with CR39 quality glass from Japanese HOYA.
Fits ALL goggles! We have tested them in POC, 509, Scott, Smith, Bollé, Bliz, Götti, Oakley, DrZipe among others.


1. How it started...

We at Larsson Optik visited a trade fair in Stockholm in 2015. There, we came by chance in contact with a provider that had an interesting product that intrested us... a simple market research was done and through that we realized that quite a few had problems which we previously had no solutions to...


2. And then...

Via Asia, we ordered home a clip. This turned out not to be good enough so we had to simply make som changes for it to work. Because our goal was that it would fit in any goggle on the market! Testing, testing and re-testing was done. Finally, we were pleased!


3. To whom...?

Our first customers were those who ski, snowboard och drive snowmobile! Then it was the motocross and enduro people. Then the downhill gang. And now we scout for a solution to those who play Painball ...!



4. What's in the future...

With over 600 pieces sold, we know that the product we offer works just fine but it does not prevent us from developing it further. What comes is still a secret but we want to thank everyone who helped with the comments and developments. Early 2018, a "YouZee Clip In 2.0" will be introduced ... :-)

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